Message from Andrée Poirier and Nancy Bédard to the APTS-FIQ alliance members

6 juillet 2020

Summer is finally here and with it, the end of the first wave of an unprecedented epidemic in Quebec. You showed up and made all the difference for thousands of Quebeckers during an extremely difficult public health emergency. We would like to acknowledge your professionalism.

Not to mention your mobilization! You fought to gain recognition for your right to be protected at work, for recognition of the risk you were exposed to and for the rest you are entitled to, which is absolutely crucial before resuming the battle against this invisible enemy.

The crisis has left its mark everywhere, from the health and social services network (RSSS) to Quebec’s public finances. The year 2020 is a key time for RSSS staff. Just barely emerging from an unprecedented crisis, we must stay mobilized for the provincial negotiation of our collective agreements in a context that has completely changed within the span of a few months.

While we are still anticipating a second wave, the government has already decided its priority is to restart the economy. Together, we sent the government an important warning at the parliamentary committee on Bill No. 61: let’s not sacrifice public services in the name of an economic recovery once again. Instead, let’s focus these changes on women. Because it is thanks to them that we have been able to curb the pandemic. Because it’s the year 2020. Because it is high time we have a green, feminist economic recovery.

These negotiations are an opportunity to build our future. Let’s fix past mistakes and rebuild on equitable foundations starting now with a long overdue wage catch-up. We must refuse to take no for an answer! Those who offer care and services to the population are not an expense but rather a very profitable investment.

The APTS-FIQ alliance’s mobilization will reflect the level of our outrage over the treatment we receive. We haven’t won yet and the issues are more important than ever, as is our solidarity.

This summer, your local teams and elected representatives will meet with you to discuss the alliance’s proposals in order to make sustainable changes to the RSSS to make it attractive and feel good to work there once more. We will give you a bracelet so that you can proudly wear your colours this fall. Enjoy your vacation and the beautiful weather, taking time to recharge your batteries. We will need all of your energy this fall for the next phase of negotiations and to ensure we provide quality services to the Quebec population.

Andrée Poirier et Nancy Bédard

Andrée PoirierNancy Bédard