National demonstration | Our professions are worth as much as their trades

27 avril 2021

At the bargaining table, it’s clear that for the Legault government, the male category is always worth more than the female.

A woman is now president of the Treasury Board – a woman who once held an important position as minister responsible for the status of women. But still, dead silence is the response when the APTS-FIQ alliance demands a catch-up pay increase to end the chronic devaluation of jobs traditionally held by women.

It’s 2021 and we’d like to be paid for the true value of our expertise. Should we be wearing a suit and tie, or maybe a hard hat and construction boots? If we conform to male standards, will we finally be given the same recognition as men?

On May 22, healthcare professionals and health and social services professionals and technicians will take to the streets to send a message to Treasury Board president Sonia LeBel. The message is: You have to pay for our expertise. Regardless of gender.

The gap between the women who are fighting to hold our public system together and their colleagues in other sectors has been widening for twenty years. And now after eighteen months at the bargaining table, the Legault government has the gall to offer us pay increases that would barely cover the rising cost of living.

For those who have been fighting for months to halt the pandemic and take care of Quebecers, this is both insulting and contemptuous. The government has been relying on women’s professionalism and sense of duty. Does it really think that it should also relaunch the economy at their expense?

On Saturday, May 22, our indignation will resonate loud and clear in the streets of Montréal. We’re not going to be paid a woman’s wage. We’re through.

Join us at 1.30 at the Place des Montréalaises (Champ-de-Mars metro station). Put on a suit and tie, or a hard hat and construction boots, or any other accessory that will remind people that wage discrimination is still alive and well in Québec.

The demonstration will take place in full compliance with public health directives. Masks and physical distancing are obligatory, and dedicated teams will be on hand to make sure public health directives are followed. Contact your local FIQ or APTS team for information about transportation available in your region.