APTS members demonstrate their impatience

30 septembre 2020

Members of the APTS (Alliance du personnel professionnel et technique de la santé et des services sociaux), who have been without a contract since March 31, are demonstrating today in several of Québec’s regions.

“It’s been exactly six months since our collective agreement expired,” says APTS president Andrée Poirier. “There has been no change in the government’s position since contract talks began. Nothing to really address work overload in the health and social services system, and nothing to improve training or the development of our professional practice. We’re demonstrating today because we want the government to know that professionals and technicians are sick and tired of being ignored.”

As Québec is hit by the pandemic’s brutal second wave, APTS members are committed to marking this unfortunate anniversary in full compliance with public health directives.


“The COVID-19 crisis has shown us the impact of labour shortages on the health and social services system,” says Poirier. “Employees are at the end of their rope. It’s time to adopt concrete measures to attract and retain workers so that we can bring in new blood and provide support for the teams we have now. The government has been dragging its feet for six months – it’s still not willing to increase premiums to adjust them to the diverse realities our members are experiencing. And yet, measures like these are essential if we want people to commit to key sectors of our public network.”


Since the start of the contract talks, the APTS has been intent on suggesting concrete solutions to keep the health and social services system public and to make sure its members are working under the best possible conditions in order to provide Quebecers with quality care and services.


“Workers are the vital force of our health and social services system,” says Poirier. “The government has been neglecting them for too long. It’s not listening to their legitimate demands – demands that will also benefit the population as a whole. The pandemic context proves that we need to improve our members’ working conditions. It’s also the perfect opportunity for the Legault government to set itself apart from its predecessors by offering our 56,000 members working conditions that respect their dignity and their expertise.”


The APTS (Alliance du personnel professionnel et technique de la santé et des services sociaux) represents some 56,000 professionals and technicians who play a key role in ensuring that health and social services institutions run smoothly. Our members provide a wide range of services for the population as a whole, including diagnostic, rehabilitation, nutrition, psychosocial intervention, clinical support, and prevention services.